A Grub Theme in the style of Minecraft

Minegrub is a Grub theme designed in the style of Minecraft. To install, check if you have a /boot/grub2 folder, and adjust file paths accordingly. Clone the repository and copy the folder to your boot partition. Change/add the line in /etc/default/grub to point to the Minegrub theme. Update the live grub config by running a command. The theme includes random splash texts and accurate “x packages installed” text, which can be edited and customized. The process can be done with or without systemd, and there are instructions for adjusting the height of the bottom bar if needed. The author emphasizes that they are not a Linux expert and provides detailed instructions for newbies. The author expresses their enjoyment of the theme and credits others for inspiration and motivation. The font used is the Minecraft font downloaded from a specific website.


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