A repository of “BASIC Computer Games” code in modern languages

We are updating the classic computer book “BASIC Computer Games” for 2022 and beyond. You can read the original book and play the original games in your browser. We have organized all the original BASIC source code into folders for each project, and thanks to Lyle Kopnicky, the code has been normalized to run against Vintage Basic. The games may have some oddities due to the nature of BASIC, but that’s part of the fun. We have chosen the top memory-safe and general-purpose scripting languages based on the 2022 TIOBE index for porting the games. We do not want any IDE or build-specific files in the repository. You can contribute ports to alternate languages, but they won’t count toward the donation total for Girls Who Code. The goal is to convert these classic games into modern languages while staying true to the original program and using good coding practices. Emulation and bugfixes are allowed to preserve the general behavior of the original programs. Have fun and thank you for participating in this project!


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