Ability to see expertise is a milestone worth aiming for (2022)

The author discusses the concept of expertise and how it can be difficult for novices to understand the nuances of a particular skill. This lack of understanding can make it challenging for novices to learn from experts. The author also highlights a surprising aspect of expertise, which is that the rates charged by freelancers in a particular field may not reflect their level of skill. Customers who are novices may not be able to differentiate between practitioners at the higher end of a skill tree, while experts can easily distinguish between different levels of skill. The author suggests that reaching the “vocab point,” where one can understand and communicate the nuances of a skill, is a good first milestone for acquiring expertise. However, it is important to note that not all experts are good at articulating their observations, and the goal is to truly understand what other experts are talking about rather than being able to articulate it to others.


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