Absence of superconductivity in LK-99 at ambient conditions

In this report, the synthesis of modified Lead apatite (LK-99) with the potential for superconductivity at temperatures higher than boiling water has captivated the scientific community. Although there have been some attempts to replicate this superconductivity with LK-99, there have been both failures and partial successes. In this study, we have made further efforts to synthesize pure LK-99 using improved precursors, following the suggested process by Sukbae Lee et. al. The phase purity of each precursor has been confirmed through Powder X-ray diffraction (PXRD) analysis. However, the freshly synthesized LK-99 does not exhibit any signs of superconductivity at room temperature, as evidenced by a lack of diamagnetism. Additionally, our first principle calculations show that the Cu-doped LK-99 system generates strong correlation near the Fermi level.


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