AlmaLinux No Longer Aims for 1:1 Compatibility with RHEL

AlmaLinux, along with other downstreams, has been left in a bit of a predicament since Red Hat restricted access to the RHEL source repositories. As a result, AlmaLinux has decided to shift its focus. Instead of aiming for 1:1 compatibility with upstream RHEL, they will now strive to be Application Binary Interface (ABI) compatible. The goal is to produce an enterprise-grade, long-term distribution of Linux that aligns with RHEL and allows Red Hat-compatible applications to run on AlmaLinux OS. The most significant change is that AlmaLinux will no longer be confined to Red Hat’s release cycle, giving them the freedom to accept bug fixes outside of those provided by Red Hat. However, this new direction may also introduce some bugs that are not found in Red Hat. Despite these changes, AlmaLinux remains committed to being open-source and a contributing member of the open-source community.

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