AlmaLinux – Our Value Is Our Values

On June 21, Red Hat announced that RHEL source code will only be available through their customer portal, leaving the status of security updates in question. Previously, AlmaLinux integrated RHEL updates into its own system and published them in its repositories. However, Red Hat’s policy change now restricts access to their software, making AlmaLinux’s job more challenging. Despite this, AlmaLinux assures that it is still possible to provide security updates to users. They provide an example of their ability to deliver updates promptly, using OpenSSL as a reference. AlmaLinux emphasizes the value of downstream rebuilds and their commitment to the open-source community, operating as a non-profit organization and promoting communal ownership and transparency. They have made significant contributions to the Enterprise Linux ecosystem, preventing fragmentation and expanding platform support. The community around AlmaLinux has grown and actively contributes to various projects, including RPM, AWX, and GlusterFS. They maintain a strong focus on the core principles of open-source, such as trust, transparency, honesty, integrity, and mutual respect.

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