AMD’s 7900 XTX achieves better value for Stable Diffusion than Nvidia RTX 4080

NVIDIA has been at the forefront of the AI conversation, with their GPUs being the go-to choice for professionals and businesses interested in consumer AI. However, this week both Intel and AMD made significant improvements to their software stacks, resulting in AMD’s RTX 7900 XTX outperforming NVIDIA’s RTX 4080 in generative AI, particularly in Stable Diffusion with A111/Xformers. This is a significant achievement that finally offers some competition to NVIDIA. By using Microsoft Olive and DirectML instead of the PyTorch pathway, the AMD 7900 XTX achieves a much higher performance in Automatic111, almost on par with the SHARK-based approach. Furthermore, the AMD 7900 XTX also offers higher GenAI performance per dollar than the RTX 4080. It is worth noting that the AMD pathway requires a bit more technical knowledge compared to NVIDIA, but for professionals and small businesses looking for cost-effective options, AMD provides a strong alternative. This breakthrough puts AMD on the map in terms of generative AI and suggests that with more focus and attention, they could become a formidable competitor to NVIDIA in the AI market.

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