An invitation to a secret society

The author of this web content invites everyone to engage in the practice of science and share their findings on the internet. They emphasize that science is a powerful tool for solving the world’s problems, such as climate change, poverty, and disease. The author criticizes the current state of professional science, stating that much of the research produced is bad and that the focus should be on producing more good work rather than preventing bad work. They encourage individuals to pursue their own scientific endeavors, even without formal training, as there are plenty of interesting and important questions to explore. The author believes that the accessibility of scientific tools and knowledge on the internet has opened up new possibilities for independent research. They offer support and resources to those interested in conducting their own scientific projects. The author rejects the idea of “citizen science,” arguing that all scientific work should be considered valid, regardless of the author’s credentials or institutional affiliation. They also emphasize the importance of pursuing science for the sake of personal enjoyment and the potential for creating something beautiful.

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