Arduino Uno R4 WiFi

The Arduino UNO R4 WiFi combines the processing power of the Renesas RA4M1 microcontroller with the wireless connectivity power of the Espressif ESP32-S3, offering an array of new features and peripherals. This board boasts expanded memory and a faster clock speed, on-board peripherals such as a 12-bit DAC and CAN BUS, and an extended 24 V tolerance. Additionally, with built-in HID support and wireless capabilities, the UNO R4 WiFi enables makers to easily connect and control their projects remotely. Compatibility with the UNO form factor ensures a seamless transition for existing shields and projects. The board also features a Qwiic I2C connector, a 12×8 LED matrix for easy diagnostics, and error-catching mechanisms that provide detailed explanations of runtime crashes.

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