Bye, Gemini

The author discusses their experience with the Gemini protocol during the COVID-19 lockdown. They talk about their excitement in discovering the protocol, engaging in discussions, and developing software. They are proud of their browser, Amfora, and its success in attracting thousands of downloads. However, over time, their interest in Gemini waned, and they realized that it offered no advantage over the web they already use. The author appreciates the convenience and variety of content available on the web, including sites like YouTube, Reddit, and Discord, which Gemini cannot emulate. They also mention downsides of Gemini, such as the lack of customization options and the discomfort of reading long texts in monospace. The author concludes that they will be putting their Gemini software into maintenance mode, with limited bug fixes and updates, as they no longer actively develop for it. They will keep their capsule online but will no longer syndicate their blog posts or site updates there. The author bids farewell to Gemini, hoping it continues to exist for those who want it and serves as a reminder of the possibility of Web alternatives.

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