Can Dell’s 6K monitor beat their 8K monitor?

The author of this web content shares their experience and thoughts on Dell’s 32-inch 6K monitor compared to their current 8K monitor. They mention the connectivity limitations and quirks of the 8K monitor and discuss their curiosity about the 6K monitor. They provide compatibility information, noting the resolutions and data rates required for optimal performance. The author highlights their disappointment with the Intel A380 graphics card’s inability to work well with the 6K monitor and mentions issues with picture display after resuming from suspend mode. They also discuss scaling options in Linux and macOS, their observations on matte vs glossy screens, and the behavior of built-in peripherals. Ultimately, the author concludes that the 6K monitor is finicky and not a significant improvement over the 8K monitor. They suggest a hypothetical ideal monitor that combines the best features of both models.

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