Croner – Cron for JavaScript and TypeScript

Croner is a JavaScript and TypeScript library that allows you to trigger functions and evaluate cron expressions. It works in Node.js, Deno, and browsers, with no dependencies. The library supports features such as using the Vixie-cron pattern, including additional features like the L modifier for the last day and weekday of the month, and the # modifier for the nth weekday of the month. Croner also provides built-in overrun protection and error handling, as well as support for asynchronous functions. You can control the execution of tasks by pausing, resuming, or stopping them. The library operates in-memory, eliminating the need for a database or configuration files. There are various installation options available depending on your environment. Croner provides a comprehensive API for scheduling and managing cron jobs, including features like getting the next run time, getting a list of upcoming run times, and calculating the time left until the next execution. The library also allows you to specify time zones and customize options. Croner follows the Vixie-cron pattern for defining cron expressions, with some additional modifiers like “?” for the time of initialization, “L” for the last day of the month, and “#” for specifying the nth weekday of the month. It also supports

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