Dear Aliens

Welcome to Earth, a planet that is teeming with life, creativity, and diversity. While the chances of you reading this letter might be very low, I believe that if you are monitoring us, you probably have access to our internet. If you have contacted us before, you may have interacted with our religious leaders and government officials. However, they might not be the true representation of our humanity. We are a diverse species, shaped by our cultural and geographical backgrounds. Currently, our planet is facing challenges due to overpopulation and strained resources. If you possess knowledge of better energy sources and propulsion systems, it would greatly benefit us. Personally, I am curious about our origins, whether we are a result of natural evolution or external intervention. I also wonder if there are other species beyond our understanding. If you decide to share information with us, please make it publicly accessible for all to see. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. Your human friend, Gerhard.

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