Don’t mess with a genius (2010)

In the book “Newton and the Counterfeiter,” the lesser known phase of Isaac Newton’s career as Warden of the Mint is explored. This phase of his life includes his efforts to bring criminals to justice and is full of aspects that resemble a modern crime thriller. Newton’s job was initially meant to be a sinecure, but he ended up being the greatest Warden the Mint ever had, despite the fact that the Mint was in a state of disarray when he took over. Newton’s meticulousness and resourcefulness allowed him to successfully recoin the entire currency, apprehend counterfeiters, and protect the economy. His most notable adversary was William Chaloner, a counterfeiter who challenged Newton himself. Newton dedicated significant time and effort to gather evidence against Chaloner and eventually succeeded in having him executed. Newton later became the Master of the Mint and lived a contented life after playing a crucial role in the country’s economic stability.

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