Enigma Crypto Transmission from KPH at 426 KHz and Shortwave

Enigma Simulators are available online for those interested in decoding the Enigma code machine. No download is necessary, simply access the web-based simulator by clicking on the provided link. Certificates are up for grabs for those who can successfully decode the Enigma message. There are various categories that you can aim for, including being the first to decode the message, using original hardware, using replica hardware, or achieving a successful decode of the message overall. Be aware of the 72-hour time limit for submission, as crypto messages are time-sensitive. Group efforts are allowed, but only one certificate will be awarded per group. To apply for a certificate, email [email protected] with the necessary information. The first email demonstrating a successful decode will be awarded the First to Decode certificate. For the hardware certificates, include a photo of your Enigma machine with the daily key setting.


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