Every type of plastic used by Lego (2022)

In this article, LEGO enthusiast Ryan Howerter explores the different types of plastics used by LEGO throughout its history. Howerter covers materials such as cellulose acetate, high impact polystyrene, bakelite, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), and many others. They discuss the properties of each plastic and when they were used by LEGO. Howerter notes that LEGO is actively investing in developing sustainable materials for their products and has already started incorporating plant-sourced polyethylene in sets. They also mention the use of materials other than plastic in LEGO sets, such as metals, fabrics, foams, and wood. Overall, this comprehensive article provides insights into the world of LEGO plastics and hints at the future of sustainable materials in LEGO products.


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