EXPI by p01

EXPI is a 1kb intro for the Assembly event, developed by Mathieu “p01” Henri and Veikko “pestis” Sariola. The concept behind EXPI began with exploring JPEG artifacts and utilizing the Brotli dictionary. The source code is 5562 bytes long and compresses down to 1024 bytes. The visuals include elements such as the horizon, twister, zoom blur, and various texts that follow the time or music channels. A unique aspect of EXPI is the introduction of JPEG glitches, which reflects the difference in image codecs between browsers. The soundtrack for EXPI was developed by Veikko “pestis” Sariola and features a clean and rich sound. The song incorporates an additive synthesizer and uses a simple melody to harmonize the different channels. The drum synthesizer focuses on creating the kick.


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