Explaining the Postgres iceberg

of knowledge as we delve into connection pools, lateral joins, stored procedures, and more. Connection pools allow for efficient management of database connections, while lateral joins access data from previous rows in the same table. Stored procedures provide a way to store and execute complex SQL scripts. We’ll also uncover the secrets of isolation levels, ZigZag joins, and triggers in the Twilight Zone. The Midnight Zone brings us denormalization, SELECT FOR UPDATE, and star schemas. The Abyssal Zone reveals MATCH PARTIAL foreign keys and null::jsonb IS NULL = false. Finally, in the Hadal Zone, we’ll encounter the volcano model and the NP Hard nature of join ordering. Brace yourself for the Pitch Black Zone, where we confront the halloween problem, fsyncgate, and the concept of NULL. With these explanations, we’ll navigate the SQL Iceberg meme with ease. Join us as we unravel the complexities of PostgreSQL and learn the secrets that lie beneath the surface.


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