Fabricated data in research about honesty

In the world of behavioral science, Dan Ariely and Francesca Gino are renowned for their research on honesty. One of their notable studies focused on using subtle “nudges” to encourage people to be more truthful on forms and tax returns. By simply moving the place where individuals declare their honesty from the bottom of the form to the top, Ariely and Gino found that people were more likely to be truthful. However, recent concerns have emerged regarding the authenticity of the data used in their research. Data Colada, a blog dedicated to scrutinizing research, delved into the Excel spreadsheets, data distributions, and even the fonts of the studies, raising questions about potential fabrication. The Hartford, an insurance company involved in one of the studies, confirmed that the data provided had been manipulated before publication. Despite this, Ariely claims he was not responsible for the falsified data.


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