Ferromagnetic half levitation of LK-99-like synthetic samples

Summary: The authors of this study have successfully synthesized polycrystalline LK-99-like ceramic samples using a solid-state-sintering method. The samples were found to contain $mathrm{Pb_{10-x}Cu_x(PO_4)_6O}$ and $mathrm{Cu_2S}$, as confirmed by powder X-ray diffraction. Interestingly, the authors observed “half levitation” in some small flaky fragments when placed on a $mathrm{Nd_2Fe_{14}B}$ magnet. Magnetization measurements revealed the presence of weak soft ferromagnetic components in the samples, which, combined with shape anisotropy, explain the observed half levitation in strong vertical magnetic fields. However, the samples did not exhibit the Meissner effect or zero resistance, indicating a lack of superconductivity. This research suggests the possibility of new magnetic properties in the synthesized ceramic samples.


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