Firefox 115 can silently remotely disable my extension on any site

In the latest release of Firefox, version 115.0, a new “feature” has been introduced that allows only certain extensions monitored by Mozilla to run on specific websites. While I understand the importance of giving users control over their extensions, this new feature gives Mozilla too much remote control. Safari and Chrome do not have this domain-specific kill switch, so why does Firefox need it? Furthermore, Mozilla has not provided any specific information about which domains will be affected or why this feature is necessary. This lack of transparency is concerning and undermines our trust in Mozilla. The user interface design for this feature is also problematic, as it silently disables extensions without warning the user. And the fact that the quarantined domains list can be changed remotely by Mozilla at any time raises privacy concerns. We have no idea how Mozilla plans to use this list, and there are speculations about its potential impact on banking sites. Additionally, I’m disappointed that Mozilla has created a two-tier system where only the biggest extension developers have exclusive access and exemptions. This goes against the principles of consumer choice and power decentralization that Firefox and Mozilla are supposed to uphold.

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