Getting a job at Apple without going to college or doing LeetCode

When it comes to Big Tech companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, Meta, and Microsoft, the mention of LeetCode always pops up. Many believe that to get into these companies, one must excel at competitive programming and pass coding tests. While LeetCode is helpful for improving programming skills in the long run, it may not be necessary for all companies like Apple. The author shares their experience interning at Apple and highlights that interviews at Apple are team-dependent, with some teams requiring LeetCode and others not. They also discuss their own journey of learning Swift and provide recommendations for starting out in programming. The author emphasizes the importance of building projects and being active on platforms like Twitter to showcase skills and get noticed by companies. They also question the obsession with LeetCode and suggest that project-based interviews may be a better approach in the future. The author concludes by expressing that going to college or mastering LeetCode is not the only path to success in the tech industry.

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