git-appraise – Distributed Code Review for Git

This repo contains a command line tool that allows for distributed code reviews on git repositories. Unlike traditional code review systems, this tool stores the code reviews as git objects within the repository itself. This means that each developer on the team has their own copy of the review history that they can push or pull. When pulling, updates from the remote repository are automatically merged by the tool, eliminating the need for a server-side setup. The installation process requires Go tools and can be done by running a command. The tool works with any git hosting provider and offers various features such as requesting, pushing, and pulling code reviews, as well as commenting on reviews and accepting changes. The code review data is stored in git-notes using JSON format, and there are specific refs for different types of reviews, such as code review requests, continuous integration status, robot comments, and review comments. The tool also integrates with various libraries, GUIs, and other systems like GitHub and Phabricator. Contributors can find information on how to contribute in the CONTRIBUTING file.

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