Glove80 Ergonomic Keyboard

The Glove80 is an ergonomic keyboard developed by MoErgo that offers ultimate comfort and customization. It features a variable split, tented halves, thumb clusters, key wells, palm rests, low-profile switches, and various extension options. The key wells of the Glove80 are designed to allow your fingers to move naturally and comfortably, with special attention given to the placement of the pinky and outer index finger columns. The thumb cluster follows the natural arc of the thumb, making it easier to reach multiple keys without moving your hand. The tenting mechanism allows for customizable angles, although it requires some initial setup. The keyboard uses low-profile Choc v1 switches, which offer a shorter travel distance and actuation point compared to traditional MX switches. Overall, the Glove80 provides a comfortable and customizable typing experience for those seeking ergonomic keyboards.

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