Gnu/Hurd strikes back: How to use the legendary OS in a (somewhat) practical way

GNU/Hurd, despite being under development since 1990, is often considered vaporware and nonexistent. However, it does exist and is slowly evolving. The Debian GNU/Hurd 2023 has been recently released, making it available for use. There has been controversy surrounding the names GNU and Linux, but to simplify, GNU is a Unix-compatible operating system, while Linux is the kernel of the operating system. GNU/Hurd is not a kernel but a group of user-mode servers that make up the operating system. Running GNU/Hurd on modern physical machines is challenging, but it can be done in the cloud. GNU/Hurd offers interesting features, such as the translator, which allows for flexible handling of directories and files. However, challenges remain, such as poor hardware support and the absence of systemd. Despite these challenges, trying GNU/Hurd is worthwhile as it provides a unique experience combining the old and new worlds.

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