Homo sapiens declared extinct (1999)

In the year AD 2380, it has been officially confirmed that there are no more human beings. Anthropologist Dr. Marcia Raymo considers this a personal setback as the unique cultural activity of humans will be lost. However, actress Rita “Cuddles” Srinivasan, who is now an AI, believes that AI’s can embody themselves in human forms to indulge in human activities. A survey reveals that most individuals have a significant amount of cultured gelbrain, indicating the extinction of humanity. Classical musician Soon Yi admits that gelbrain is superior to human neurons and supports the use of it in the arts. The highly advanced Blood Bathers in the Oort Cloud do not concern themselves with the extinction of humans. Despite a Day of Mourning, many believe that the world rejoices at the absence of humans. Orbital Entity Ankh/Ghih/9819 suggests a rearrangement of the Great Wall of China as an epitaph for humanity, noting their curiosity but lack of foresight.


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