How Modern SQL Databases Are Changing Web Development: Part 1

SQL databases have been a cornerstone of web technology for decades, but recent developments are transforming how we use them. The new generation of modern SQL databases is bringing serverless and edge-ready capabilities to the forefront, allowing for automatic scaling, simplified operations, and a shift in cost models. Connection pooling, which can be a headache for developers, is being built into these databases, eliminating the need for external proxy services. Edge-ready drivers are also becoming available, enabling connections from edge environments that typically only allow HTTP(s) or WebSocket connections. Additionally, the separation of compute and storage is being explored, opening up new possibilities for scaling and development processes. Data storage on the edge is another area being addressed, with services like Turso replicating databases on edge nodes for improved performance. These advancements are aimed at streamlining application development and enhancing performance, although considerations must still be made for user-perceived performance and application-specific requirements.

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