How to Edit Your Own Lousy Writing

If you’re struggling to write well, it may not be because you lack writing skills, but rather because you don’t know how to edit. Editing is an essential part of the writing process and should not be separated from it. Many writers learn to improve their writing by editing their own drafts. One common mistake writers make is assuming that the reader will interpret their words exactly as they intended. However, readers often fill in the gaps and imagine a scene differently than what the writer intended. This can lead to a disconnect between the writer’s vision and the reader’s interpretation. To be a good editor, you need to see your writing from the reader’s perspective. Pay attention to the order in which information is revealed and make sure it makes sense to the reader. Additionally, understand that editing is not just about fixing grammar or punctuation, but about fixing the fundamental flaws in your story. Get closer to your characters and their actions, and make sure every character serves a purpose in the plot. Don’t give up on your story when you start to feel tired of it; keep going until it’s right.

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