How to read bug reports (2016)

The author begins by expressing their personal connection to the topic of bug reports and their importance in software development. They mention reading a post by Peter Steinberger on writing good bug reports and appreciating his recommendations. However, they also express sadness that such recommendations are necessary, as bug reports should not have to rely on social engineering for attention. The author shares a story from their time at Apple, where they received a detailed bug report from a Store Genius, highlighting the effort and dedication put into helping a customer. They reflect on experiences with bug reports and provide their own guidelines for dealing with them, emphasizing the value of feedback and the importance of responding to customers. They also advise against ignoring low-priority bugs and rude reports and encourage saving responses for future use. The author concludes by emphasizing the opportunity for learning and improvement that bug reports provide and encourages software developers to value and listen to their customers.

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