I stopped buying new laptops (2020)

I used to believe that buying new laptops was necessary for a good computer and quality work. However, after going through three laptops in 17 years, I decided to switch to a 2006 second-hand machine for just 50 euros. With a new battery and hardware upgrade, I spent less than 150 euros in total. If this laptop lasts as long as my previous ones, it will have only cost me 26 euros per year, compared to the 300 euros per year I spent on new laptops. Not buying new laptops not only saves money but also minimizes the environmental impact of laptop production and reduces material use. The energy and material consumption of laptops is high, and the short lifespan of most laptops contributes to this. A study from 2011 found that the energy and material composition of laptops did not change significantly over time, as improvements in functionality balanced out efficiency gains in manufacturing. Replacing old laptops with new ones offers no environmental or financial benefit, and the best option is to use laptops for as long as possible. However, many consumers face frustrations with keeping their old laptops functioning properly. Personally, I had difficulties with broken chargers and keyboards on my previous laptops. But after switching to a 2006 ThinkPad X60


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