Introducing Keras Core: Keras for TensorFlow, Jax, and PyTorch

We’re thrilled to introduce Keras Core, a preview version of the upcoming Keras 3.0 library. Keras Core is a complete rewrite of the Keras codebase, built on a modular backend architecture. It allows you to run Keras workflows on various frameworks, including TensorFlow, JAX, and PyTorch. With near-full backwards compatibility with tf.keras code, you can easily import and run existing code with improved performance. We’re bringing back multi-backend functionality to provide ML developers with a more inclusive, cross-framework deep learning ecosystem. Keras Core also offers features like dynamic backend selection, maximized ecosystem surface, cross-framework data pipelines, and seamless integration with native workflows. Feel free to give it a try and provide feedback as we work towards the stable Keras 3.0 release in Fall 2023.

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