Jujutsu: A Git-compatible DVCS that is both simple and powerful

Jujutsu is a version-control system (VCS) developed by Martin von Zweigbergk as a hobby project in late 2019, but it is now his full-time project at Google. It combines features from Git, Mercurial, Pijul/Darcs, and adds some unique features such as working-copy-as-a-commit, automatic rebase, and safe replication. The command-line tool is called “jj” for now, and the project is named “Jujutsu.” The tool is compatible with Git and has a Git backend. It automatically commits the working copy, making commands never fail due to a dirty working copy. Conflicts can be recorded in commits, and there is comprehensive support for rewriting history. However, some features are not yet supported, and there may be backward-incompatible changes before version 1.0.0. The tool can be installed from pre-built binaries or built from source.


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