Kagi Small Web

We are excited to introduce Kagi Small Web, a platform that aims to bring back the non-commercialized essence of the early web. The small web refers to individual websites created for personal expression or knowledge sharing without financial gain. Kagi Small Web gathers recently published content from these small web blogs and showcases it through various channels, including search results, a dedicated website, an RSS feed, and the Search API. This initiative began with a discussion on Hacker News and has since grown to include almost 6,000 curated websites. By incorporating small web results into our search index, Kagi offers a unique flavor to search results. We believe that including content from the small web enhances the search experience and brings us closer to a humane web. We are proud to launch the Kagi Small Web website, which operates without JavaScript and serves as a platform for displaying recent small web content. Users can appreciate posts or leave temporary public notes before the content cycles out to make way for new material, emphasizing the impermanent nature of the small web. Our curated feed selection criteria include a minimum three-year-old blog post, English language content, authentic self-expression or high informational value, and no NSFW content. Additionally, we have introduced a Small YouTube feature that surfaces emerging


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