LaTeX3: Programming in LaTeX with Ease (2020)

LaTeX3 is a programming language often overlooked as simply a typesetting language, but it actually plays a crucial role in document generation. However, the standard LaTeX2e interface can be challenging and tedious to use, even for experienced programmers. To address this issue, LaTeX3 introduces a modern programming interface with a syntax and library that is easier to understand. The author of this web content has written a tutorial to make learning LaTeX3 more accessible for generic programmers. The content covers topics such as macro expansion control, token lists and strings, numeric evaluation and boolean logic, data structures, regular expressions, and file input/output. The author emphasizes the importance of standardization and readability through consistent naming conventions and clear variable and function declarations. The content also highlights the messy interfaces and inconsistencies in the LaTeX language, which can make it difficult to connect multiple components together. Overall, this web content provides a valuable resource for programmers looking to improve their LaTeX skills using the LaTeX3 interface.

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