List (OPML) of Hacker News Users Personal Blogs

This is a compilation of personal blogs taken from the Ask HN: Could you share your personal blog here? thread on Hacker News. The list is provided in OPML format, making it easy to import into your preferred RSS reader. To create this list, blogs from users with less than or equal to 100 karma were ignored to avoid spam or throwaway accounts. The blogs are sorted based on user karma, with higher karma users at the top. However, not all comments contained a blog URL and not all blogs have RSS feeds, so some may have been missed. Nevertheless, over 500 blogs were included in the list. Feel free to modify the list to suit your preferences. The latest run output can be found at console.log. To regenerate the list, simply run it again, but note that it may take some time as it needs to fetch karma and RSS feeds for each user and blog respectively. The project is licensed under MIT.

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