LLaMA2 isn’t “Open Source” – and why it doesn’t matter

In this web content, the author discusses the controversy surrounding the labeling of LLaMA2 as “open source” in the AI community. While LLaMA2 has some open aspects, such as being mostly open and freely downloadable, there are restrictions in place that go against the principles of traditional open source software. These restrictions include limitations on commercial use and the training of other large language models. The author acknowledges that LLaMA2 cannot be considered open source in the traditional sense but argues that the term “open source” needs to evolve in the world of AI models. They highlight the ongoing debate over the definition of “open weights” and the varying levels of openness in different AI models. The author concludes by emphasizing the importance of openness in the field of AI and the positive progress represented by the release of LLaMA2.


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