macOS command-line tools you might not know about

macOS has access to a range of Unix tools and a number of macOS-specific command-line utilities for enhanced functionality. The caffeinate command prevents a Mac from going to sleep, while textutil converts files to and from several formats. The mdfind command performs keyword-based Spotlight searches with options to refine the queries. The networkQuality command measures internet speed, while the screencapture command takes screenshots and copies them to the clipboard or saves them to a file. The taskpolicy command controls the scheduling of processes, while the say command announces text messages. The sips command manipulates images, and the open command opens files and applications. Configurations for power management and network settings can be managed using the pmset and networksetup commands, respectively. Finally, the qlmanage and softwareupdate commands can be used to manage Quick Look previews and macOS updates.

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