Mechanical Apple Watch from real e-waste Apple Watch

most challenging part of the build process. The aim was to drill a very small hole through the brass pulley at the center, without breaking through to the other side. The hole was necessary to allow the pulley to sit securely on the stem. To accomplish this, the author used a drill press and a super tiny drill bit. It took many attempts to get it right, but eventually, the hole was drilled without any breakage. Step 18: Crown Pulley 4: Holy Grail With the pulley drilled, it was finally time to test it out. The pulley fit snugly onto the stem, and with the button linkage connected, the author was able to wind the watch and set the time using the original Apple Watch button and crown. After months of hard work, the mechanical Apple Watch from E-waste was a success. While it may not have the same features as a typical smartwatch, it’s a unique and sustainable solution for those looking for a stylish, mechanical watch that’s built to last.

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