Mullvad Browser

Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the Mullvad Browser, a collaboration between the Tor Project team and Mullvad. Both organizations share a commitment to protecting individuals’ privacy rights and have been involved in developing privacy-focused technology for many years. The Mullvad Browser is a free web browser that incorporates the privacy features of the Tor Browser while operating independently from the Tor network. Its goal is to challenge the prevailing business model of exploiting user data for profit. The Mullvad Browser applies a “hide-in-the-crowd” approach to privacy by creating a uniform fingerprint for all users, masking identifiable information. It comes with pre-set configurations such as private mode, blocking of third-party trackers and cookies, and easy deletion of cookies during a browsing session. Unlike other browsers, Mullvad Browser’s business model does not rely on user data. The Tor Project’s mission is to protect privacy, anonymity, and bypass censorship, and they jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with Mullvad on this project. They hope that the partnership will inspire others in the tech industry to prioritize privacy as a valuable feature rather than an afterthought. The Tor Project emphasizes that Tor Browser will continue to exist and be improved upon, as it is relied

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