My Meeting with David Bohm, Tormented Quantum Visionary

Physicist David Bohm was both a champion of a logical interpretation of quantum mechanics and a believer that science could not fully explain the world. His ideas have gained recent attention, with Adam Becker’s book highlighting his work. Bohm rejected the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics and instead proposed a model that built upon Louis de Broglie’s theory. He believed that particles were always particles, not just when observed, and their behavior was determined by a “pilot wave.” Bohm also delved into the concept of the implicate order, suggesting that beneath physical appearances lies a hidden field of infinite fluctuating waves. He hoped that science and art would merge in the future and emphasized the importance of fresh modes of perception. Bohm argued against the idea of a final theory and believed that knowledge would always have limitations. He was interested in spirituality and had a close relationship with Jiddu Krishnamurti. Bohm’s quest for truth was desperate, impossible, and necessary. He passed away in 1992.

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