Namecheap to increase .COM and .XYZ prices

Namecheap is informing its customers about an upcoming price increase for .COM and .XYZ domains in September. The price increase will affect all registrars, not just Namecheap. Renewals for .COM domains will see a 9% increase, while .XYZ domains will also experience a price increase. Namecheap recommends renewing .COM domains before September to lock in the current rates for the coming year. Prospective registrants are also advised to register before the price increase to secure existing prices. Namecheap recognizes that the price changes are out of their control as Verisign has pricing authority based on its agreement with ICANN. However, Namecheap remains committed to fair pricing and transparency in the domain industry. Customers can renew their domains now before the end of August to maintain current pricing.

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