Nintendo 64 Test Cart ROM

We have received a Nintendo 64 test cartridge ROM that was anonymously dumped. Included in the uploaded 7ZIP file on the Internet Archive is a readme file with details provided by Zoinkity. The test cartridge ROMs were designed to be reprogrammed through the jtag port or via gangwriter. By covering the cart’s CIC pins with polyimide tape, it is possible to boot to a 64DD while still mapping the main runtime. This dump was taken using a 64DD dev unit while the runtime was accessible. The specific version of the ROM is debated, but it is suspected to be at least version 1.1 based on the audio test. There are other versions of the ROM that still need to be tracked down and dumped. A partial dump of the main runtime was previously done, but this dump is the same build or very similar. A document explaining how the zaru rig should operate is also provided. Emulators may face issues in emulating the ROM accurately. The focus is on passing the RCP tests, and it is surprising how many emulators do not support certain features like the Recenter button or neglect the VI entirely. The test cartridge works fine on flashcarts and can be useful for

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