Nintendo filed numerous patents for Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom mechanics

Nintendo has made a splash in the gaming industry by releasing a multitude of patents, many of which are related to their highly anticipated game, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. While some critics argue that Nintendo is being too aggressive with their patents, calling them “too general,” a closer look reveals unique elements within them. Nintendo’s patent volume and competitiveness in Japan’s game and entertainment industry is noteworthy, with their patents being cited in 180 cases of patent rejection in 2022. Among the recent patents, there are functionalities like Ultrahand and Fuse, as well as specific abilities of side characters like Riju’s remote lightning attack. One seemingly basic patent is about Link’s interactions with movable objects, which, upon closer inspection, highlights Nintendo’s distinctive solution of giving Link the same movement as the object without relying on physics. Another unexpected patent covers a brief loading sequence during fast travel, demonstrating Nintendo’s commitment to crafting every aspect of the game, even the small details. However, some critics argue that Nintendo’s extensive patenting is excessive and hinders the implementation of popular mechanics by other developers.

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