Obsidian 1.4.10 Desktop (Public)

Improvements Editor: Empty lines before the frontmatter block are no longer allowed. Inline formatting will ignore whitespace at the start and end of the selection. Date & time fields now include seconds. Added command to fold properties. When toggling “Properties view” core plugin, the “All properties” view will immediately open. Added tooltip for long property names. Sidebar view now indicates if file properties are invalid. Right-click on the properties heading to quickly add or clear properties. Invalid YAML in file properties is now highlighted. General: Fixed “Reveal in Finder” hanging on macOS. Excluded files will no longer be counted in Tags or Properties view. Fixed “Replace” button not highlighting the next match. Fixed stacked tabs not scrolling into view. Properties: Fixed bug causing changes in edit mode to be reverted when editing properties in reading mode. Fixed jumping issue in All Properties view when editing notes. Fixed invalid frontmatter when editing properties. Fixed Tag suggest not showing suggestions if input starts with #. Fixed properties status bar item not updating. Fixed frontmatter temporarily appearing when modifying properties. Renaming a list property no longer causes a type mismatch warning. Clicking outside the property editor removes empty property section. Fixed “type mismatch” tooltip showing wrong expected type


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