Octos – HTML live wallpaper engine

Octos is an HTML Live Wallpaper Engine that allows users to create, distribute, and explore live, interactive wallpapers on Windows using HTML, CSS, and JS. Currently in the early stages of development, Octos welcomes users to test out the app and provide feedback through feature requests and issue reports. The Octos app can be downloaded for Windows, although users may encounter a Smartscreen warning due to the app not being certified or signed yet. The app showcases sample mods, such as an interactive media player, a digital clock with a vintage TV effect, and the ability to set custom backgrounds with widgets like a media controller and clock. Users can also utilize the Octos Native API to easily create their own live wallpapers with features like media controls, local storage access, and system information. Once users have created their own unique wallpapers, they have the option to share them on the Octos explore page for others to download. Additional mods are also available in the community library.


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