Open-source IAM Ory Kratos v1.0 with Passkeys, MFA and multi-region

We are excited to announce the release of Ory Kratos v1.0, a powerful Identity, User Management, and Authentication system. This update brings numerous enhancements and fixes that improve the user experience and performance. Ory Kratos 1.0 has been stable and reliable, serving production traffic flawlessly for over a year. It can handle over 100 million API requests daily and has about 100 million Docker Pulls. Some notable changes include support for social login, single-sign-on via OpenID connect in native apps, and improved session management. Ory Kratos 1.0 also offers multi-region support and enhanced export functionality. To experience these new features, you can get the latest version of Ory Kratos or leverage it in the Ory Network. We appreciate feedback and support from the Ory Community, who played a crucial role in reaching this milestone.

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