Open sourcing the Nginx playground

In 2021, I introduced the nginx playground, a small playground for testing nginx configurations. While I initially didn’t make it open source, I am now making it available for others. The github repo contains the frontend in the static/ folder and the backend in api/. The README acknowledges the project’s lack of maintenance and offers an apology for the developer experience. As someone who struggles with open source, I usually ignore feature requests and bug reports, leading to feelings of guilt. Additionally, some project configurations don’t make sense for others to copy. I’ve decided to be transparent about the project’s unmaintained status and provide security caveats while testing the build instructions. Although I haven’t worked on this project in over a year, I may consider open sourcing more of my small projects in the future. Special thanks to Sumana Harihareswara for her support in this decision. (104 words)

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