OpenCopilot – Build Your Open-Source Copilot in a Single Day

OpenCopilot is an open-source AI Copilot platform that allows users to easily build and embed Copilots into their products. Many successful companies such as Github, Shopify, Brex, and Hubspot are utilizing Copilots to build LLM-based applications. However, building a Copilot that goes beyond a Twitter demo can be complex and time-consuming. Additionally, existing solutions like Microsoft Copilot Stack are closed-source. OpenCopilot aims to solve this problem by providing an intuitive, fast, and reliable way to build your own Copilot in just one day. The platform offers various use cases, including developer tooling, SaaS Copilots, and e-commerce Copilots. The documentation provides a quick start guide for installation and usage. Customizing, improving, testing, and deploying your Copilot is also covered in detail. Optional front-end deployment instructions are provided for those who want a user interface for their Copilot. Users can seek help from the OpenCopilot community through Discord, GitHub issues, or by directly contacting the co-founder and CTO.

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