OpenTF announces fork of Terraform

OpenTF has announced its fork of Terraform in response to HashiCorp’s decision to change the license of its core products, including Terraform, to the Business Source License (BSL). The OpenTF manifesto, which called for the return of Terraform to the open-source community, received significant support from over 100 companies, 10 projects, and 400 individuals. As a result, OpenTF was created as a truly open-source project under a widely-accepted license. The initiative aims to keep Terraform community-driven, impartial, layered and modular, and backwards-compatible. OpenTF intends to become part of the Linux Foundation and eventually the Cloud Native Computing Foundation to maintain its open-source and vendor-neutral status. The forked repository is set to be published soon, and the first release, OpenTF 1.6.0, is already in the works. OpenTF is expected to be a drop-in replacement for legacy Terraform and will work with all existing providers and modules. The project is being maintained by multiple companies, with more resources expected to be pledged in the coming weeks. Contributions to OpenTF can be made by pledging resources as a company or by spreading the word about the project. A public roadmap is available, and

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