Oscilloscope watch ships after 10 years on kickstarter

Ten years ago, Gabriel Anzziani announced his plans to create an oscilloscope watch on Kickstarter. The project gained popularity initially, but then seemed to disappear for a decade. However, to the surprise of early backers, they recently received the long-awaited oscilloscope watch in the mail. Anzziani updated the project page on July 30th, informing backers that they would finally be receiving their rewards. He plans to ship out 10 to 20 watches per week, with the goal of fulfilling all early rewards by the end of 2023. The oscilloscope watch functions as both a watch and an oscilloscope, with various features and customization options. It is powered by an 8-bit Xmega microcontroller and has a 1.28-inch E Ink display. The battery life varies depending on usage, lasting around 30 days without using the oscilloscope and about 12 hours with it. If you’re interested in this project, you can find more details on Kickstarter, although rewards are no longer available.


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